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What is minor Arcana?

The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits. Each suit is made up of four court cards which represents people (king, queen, knight and page) and 10 numbered cards which represents situations.

Here we are discussing the "Cups suit". The cups represents creativity, emotions and desires.

1) King of cups
Meaning: Responsibility and creativity. A considerate person. Artist. Interest in arts and science.

Reverse Meaning: Dishonesty. Scandal. A crafty person without virtue.

2) Queen of cups
Meaning: A warm-hearted and fair person. Good friend. Practical. Loving and intelligent. Gift of vision.

Reverse Meaning: Inconsistency of honor. Dishonesty.

3) Knight of cups
Meaning: An opportunity may soon arise. Advancement. Proposal.

Reverse Meaning: Fraud. A sly and cunning person.

4) Page of cups
Meaning: A studious and intent person. Loyal. A helpful person. Trustworthy.

Reverse Meaning: Temporary distraction.

5) 10 of cups
Meaning: Home. Happiness. Peace. Love. Esteem. Contentment.

Reverse Meaning: Loss of friendship. Pettiness. Family quarrel. Opposition.

6) 9 of cups
Meaning: Success. Well-being. Good health.

Reverse Meaning: Mistakes. Misplaced trust. Opposition. Dispute.

7) 8 of cups
Meaning: Disappointment. Abandoned success. Discontinuance of effort.

Reverse Meaning: Happiness. Festivity.

8) 7 of cups
Meaning: Foolish whims. Wishful thinking. Unrealistic attitudes.

Reverse Meaning: Determination. Strong willpower. Intelligent choice.

9) 6 of cups
Meaning: Memories. Childhood influences. Nostalgia.

Reverse Meaning: Opportunities. New vistas.

10) 5 of cups
Meaning: Partial loss. Regret. Incomplete union.

Reverse Meaning: hopeful outlook. Return of an old friend.

11) 4 of cups
Meaning: Weariness. Disappointment. Bitter experience. Stationary period in life.

Reverse Meaning: New possibilities. New relationships. New knowledge.

12) 3 of cups
Meaning: Love. Friendship beginning or renewed. Passion. Partnership.

Reverse Meaning: Unsatisfactory love. False friendship. Trouble relationship. Misunderstanding.

13) Ace of cups
Meaning: Fulfillment. Great abundance. Joy. Happiness. Fertility.

Reverse Meaning: Instability. Alteration. Sterility. False heart.

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