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What is the Major Arcana?

A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards and 22 of those cards are called the Major Arcana and the rest consist of the minor arcana.

Arcana means 'secret' hence major arcana points to the major issues in your life, whilst the minor Arcana points to the minor issues.

The major arcana cards are often beautifully illustrated compared to the rest and are considered to be the most powerful cards in the deck. Their influence is more superior than other cards and each card has a tremendous amount of symbols.

The major arcana is often represented as a journey, usually called 'the Fool's journey'. The major arcana cards can represent the time frames and seasons.

Within the symbol of each card you can see how the cards show the ups and downs and rhythm of a persons' journey in life, successes and testing periods.

The major arcana can indicate events, influences and personality profiles. These can be things that we already know and understand in yourself or among the people who are close to you. They can give you an overview of you and what surrounds you.

Here is a brief overview of what the 22 major arcana cards and what they represent:


1. Fool
The human soul

2. Magician
The conscious part of the mind where reason and rationality dominate

3. High Priestess
The subconscious part of the mind where creativity and intuition dominate

4. Empress
The union of the conscious and the subconscious mind and usually represent abundance as well

5. Emperor
The power and leadership

6. Hierophant
The spiritual aspects of life

7. Lovers
The free will or choices

8. Chariot
The success through learning from the past

9. Strength
The spiritual strength controlling desires and lower forces

10. Hermit
The guide that leads people in the path of spiritual truth

11. X Wheel of Fortune
The completed cycle

12. Justice
The Balance and the need to get rid of the thins that are no longer needed

13. Hanged Man
The surrendering to the Spirit or sacrificing of small desires for greater ones.

14. Death
Rebirth or start of something new.

15. Temperance
The creation of power.

16. Devil
The revelation of the secrets of life and dark forces would attempt to use these secrets for selfish desires.

17. Tower
The giving in to temptation.

18. Star
The destruction is not permanent and that there is still hope.

19. Moon
The hidden temptation and perils.

20. Sun
The lessons learned.

21. Judgment
The beckoning to the spiritual life.

22. World
The celebration of life.

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