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What is Tarot?
How does Tarot work?
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How does Tarot work?

When you initially start out Tarot practise you could find yourself being ridiculed that a mass manufactured playing cards with pretty pictures can tell anything worthwhile. To a sceptic we would like to say that Tarot is a physical object used much in the same way to solve problems and gain insight as meditation or hypnosis.

Simply put, Tarot is just a tool, a tool for allowing your intuition to create positive changes in your life and that of the others around you. In the hands of someone skilled, they can be very useful, and perform the job for which they were created. When a Tarot master gazes upon the cards, the symbols on them bringing forth buried thoughts, feelings and intuitions from the inner subconscious layers of the mind.

For centuries, the mysterious Tarot cards and their worth has been hotly debated. Believers swear by them, using them to answer burning questions and gain a glimpse of what the future holds. Religious and superstitious folk shrink from the cards in fear that they are possessed by some demonic force that will inject evil into one's life.

In fact Tarot is not infalliable, they are not supernatural, all-powerful oracles, or guided by sentient, malevolent entities. The Tarot is just a way of "syncing in" to that which Carl Jung referred to as the "collective unconscious." Psychologically speaking, the collective unconscious is a reservoir of human experiences embedded deep in the psyche. The truth is that Tarot cards hold no inherent power of their own, yet they are far more than a worthless parlor game.

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