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Tarot Card reading gives you the image of a Gypsy woman, beads, and crystal balls. Flea markets around the world and popular movies have romanticised this image of a wry, oddly dressed woman laying out cards revealing to her insecure customer glimpses of their future. But the truth and reality is that anyone can learn to read Tarot Cards for yourself and your friends.

The origin of tarot card is not clearly traceable, however it has been around since at least the mid fifteenth century in various parts of Europe. In English-speaking countries Tarot Cards are used primarily for divinatory purposes. 

Tarot Card Readers call the trump cards and the fool the "major arcana" while they call the ten pip and four court cards in each suit are called the "minor arcana."

So you can buy a set of Tarot Cards, or get a Tarot starter kit and get ready to embark on this magnificent journey in understanding and exploring Tarot, we are sure you will be shocked and amazed with what you encounter and also make significant personal discoveries at each step.

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